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DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC ABHIRAMAPURAMMILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT.the wor cognitive relates to memory and thinking.impairment is inability or trouble to do some thing.memory problems are common as the person gets older.but the

MEMORY EVALUATION it can be done by your family doctor or nurse talking to you about your symptoms , behaviour and daily activities.recent change in behaviour is also important.your underlying medical conditions like low thyroid state, use of certai

STROKE COMPLICATIONSHEART PROBLEMSit can be an irregular rhythm or myocardial infarction.irregular rhythm can occur most often with hemorrhage.earlier heart attack can be a reason for stroke.arryhthmia such as atrial fibrillation requires lomng ter

ACUTE COGNITIVE IMAIRMENT AND BEHAVIOURAL DISTURBANCES if encountered is most commonly after stroke mostly ine the left hemisphere of the be precise it can be in left temporal region or posterior parietal region.patients can have acute onse

WHAT ARE THE REVERSIBLE CAUSES OF MEMORY AND COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT?at the time of evaluation reversible factors or causes of memory impairmnent has to be looked for1 viatmin deficiencies like thiamine [vitamin b1]vitamin b12 deficiency can cause me

ISCHEMIC STROKE SECONDARY PREVENTION IN SPECIAL SITUATIONSin cardiac conditions related to valve problem patient needs to be on long term anticoagulation.this is required when there is irregular heart rhythm in condition called atrial fibrillation

WHAT CAUSES DELIRIUM?most common are infections, medication either with drawal or intoxication, the nervous system symptoms are secondary to systemic problem.elderly persons are prone to delirium due to urinary infection or dehydrationcessation of

WHAT IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF STROKE?some patients recover from stroke with out any long term sequalae.majority have serious problems .they may be unable to speak, feed themselves .there may be paralysis of one side of the body.patients require the he

DIABETIC NEUROPATHY can present as weakness of limbs in the form of difficulty in getting up from sitting position, buckling of knees or difficulty in gripping the chappals.These can occur if there is problem in large sized nerve fibers.the complai