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DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST CHENNAI MEENAKSHI HOSPITALTREATMENT OF DIZZINESSif you have spells of vertigo , your doctor or nurse may recommend a medication to relieve symptoms like vomiting.treatment with medication is not recommended if your ve

DR RV ANAND CONSULTANT NEUROLOGIST SAINEUROCLINIC MANDAVELIafter confirmation of SEIZURE episode after proper history and examination treatment has to be started.ideally it should be a single drug in adequate doses which works well for the patient a

NEuroclinic Mylapore and mandaveli Stroke secondary prevention will be in the form of regular medication being taken lifelong They are blood thinners blood pressure reducing drugs and cholesterol reduction. Regular monitoring of blood sugar needs

NEUROCLINIC IN MYLAPORE MANDAVELImigraines are characterestically one sided[unilateral], throbbing episodic headaches associated with nausea and vomiting and often disabling.dietary and life style changes can cause migraine.eating food at right time

DR RVANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC ABHIRAMAPURAM AND MANDAVELISINGLE EPIOSODE OF SUSPECTED SEIZURE TREAT OR NOT TO TREATisolated episode some times go unnoticed.if there is a proper eyewitness description or a video clip it confirms.add

DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST SAI NEUROCLINIC MANDAVELISEIZURE TREATMENT WITH MEDICATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT .control of seizures is achieved with a single drug at adequate doses.compliance is most important to achieve control of seizures

DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST CHENNAI MEENAKSHI HOSPIITALSEIZURES can be focal or generalised.generalised seizures are most often without any underlying cause.FOCAL SEIZURES are most ofeten caused by worm infestation or tuberculoma.daiagnosing an

WHAT CAUSES DELIRIUM?most common are infections, medication either with drawal or intoxication, the nervous system symptoms are secondary to systemic problem.elderly persons are prone to delirium due to urinary infection or dehydrationcessation of

WHAT IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF STROKE?some patients recover from stroke with out any long term sequalae.majority have serious problems .they may be unable to speak, feed themselves .there may be paralysis of one side of the body.patients require the he