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DR RV ANAND CONSULTANT NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC MANDAVELI AND MYLAPORE SYNCOPE SYNCOPE is the medical term used for happens when the brain temporarily doesn't fet enough of the most common reason is vasovagal can happen when you have stress from fear or pain stand for too long or over tired while urinating or coughing some times no clear cause can be identified
DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST CHENNAI MEENAKSHI HOSPITAL VIJAYA HOSPITAL SYNCOPE is sometimes difficult to differentiate from both the conditions there is loss of syncope patient recovers conscious ness with out being confused.on the other hand in an epiosode of seizure patients generally be confused after recovering the conscious ness. the classical features of violent movements of limbs with frothing and toungue bite in seizure may not be seen every time.
FIRST TIME LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS this could be a fainting attack called as syncope.the most common scenario in which it happens is long hours of standing in hot can come following a bout of severe cough or while passing urine. this could also be a need not necassary to have violent movements of limbs as such the thumb rule is if there is no confusion following recovery of consciousness its a syncope
DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST CHENNAI MEENAKSHI HOSPITAL SYNCOPE can also be due to cardiac can be both due to fast heart beat and slow heart beat due to disturbances in the electrical system of heart it can also be due to block in the blood flow from the heart as it happens in AORTIC STENOSIS or HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY it can happen due to postural fall of blood pressure as in conditions like 1 dehydration 2.alcohol consumtion 3.blood loss due to various causes 4.anti hypertensive medivcation especially class of drugs called as alpha blockers
DR RV ANAND NEUROLOGIST SYNCOPE in the elderly is mostly due to low heart is called stokes adams attack.this condition leads to comlete heart block.these people present with repeated attacks of fainting precede by blurred vision treated by pacemaker implantation
DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC MANDAVELI AND ABHIRAMAPURAM SYNCOPE when it can be dangerous it is dangerous if you fall and hurt yourself and while driving too how can it be prevented? 1 try to avoid activity that causes it. may need to identify and stop the medicine that causes it 3.evaluate for a cardiac condition