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DR RV ANAND NEUROLOGIST SAI NEUROCLINIC ABHIRAMAPURAM BELLS PALSY TREATMENT CONSISTS of short course of helps in reducing the nflammation in the nerve.some times antivirals are also added most of the patients recover with in 3 weeks. main indicator for recovery is eye closure.
FIRST TIME LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS this could be a fainting attack called as syncope.the most common scenario in which it happens is long hours of standing in hot can come following a bout of severe cough or while passing urine. this could also be a need not necassary to have violent movements of limbs as such the thumb rule is if there is no confusion following recovery of consciousness its a syncope
ISCHEMIC STROKE is caused by blocked artery in the brain there is an easy way to remember the signs of stroke FAST.each letter in this tells you the symptoms which you have to look for Face-look for facial deviation Arm-weakness or numbness in one side Speech-unable to speajk or slurred speech or irrelevent speech Time-if any of the above symptoms are noticed you need to act FAST sooner the treatment better the recovery