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FIRST TIME LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS this could be a fainting attack called as syncope.the most common scenario in which it happens is long hours of standing in hot can come following a bout of severe cough or while passing urine. this could also be a need not necassary to have violent movements of limbs as such the thumb rule is if there is no confusion following recovery of consciousness its a syncope

MYASTHENIA GRAVIS presents commonly as drooping of eyelids one eye may be more affected than will vary in severity .may be more severe in evenings than morning.this will come more due to fatigue. it is an autoimmune condition .here body generates its own antibody which will affect acetyl choline receptors there by reducing acetyl choline in the nerve muscle junction

DIABETIC NEUROPATHY can present as weakness of limbs in the form of difficulty in getting up from sitting position, buckling of knees or difficulty in gripping the chappals.These can occur if there is problem in large sized nerve fibers.the complaints most often begin in legs and goes upwards When smal fibers are affected it is predominantly pain abnd burning sensation in the ffet and legs

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WHAT IS NEUROPATHIC PAIN? this is the type of pain caused due to damage of small nerve can be burning pricking tingling in nature.It can occur in 1 diabetic neuropathy when it affects predominantly small nerve fibers herpetic neuralgia.This follows a pain full rash in HERPES ZOSTER INFECTION also called SHINGLES. 3 STROKE when it affects a brain structure called thalamus.the pain affects opposite to side affected

Any unsteady gait numbness starting in the feet ascending upwards with proximal muscle weakness lower limbs ie difficulty in getting up from sitting position either in WC or in a chair with difficulty in walking progressing over days GULLIAN BARRE SYNDROME must be suspected

GULLIAN BARRE SYNDROME VARIANTS some patients can have difficulty to swallow liqiuds and speak along with limb weakness.they can have double vision also. if the symptoms are progressing over days and has started from the feet gullian barre syndrome must be suspected and attended to accordingly

DR RV ANAND CONSULTANT NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC HOW IS GULLIAN BARRE SYNDROME TREATED sinc it is a neurological emergency hospital admission is a must.symptoms can worsen quickly.they can develop irregular heart beat respiratory difficulty., may require ventilatory assistance.the main objective of admission is to start treatment before breathing difficulty starts.the limb weakness can be one sided to start with then becomes both sided. the main treatment involves eitheriv immunoglobulin or plama pheresis

DR RV ANAND CONSULTANT NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC MANDAVELI GULLIAN BARRE SYNDROME it is a acute form of this condition weakness in the limbs starts with in week and progresses. to start with there will be numbness and weakness of lower limbs which gradually progresses to upper limbs. it may follow a viral infection like upper respiratory infetion or it may follow an infective dysentery IT IS A NEUROLOGICAL EMERGENCY

DR RV ANAND SENIOR NEUROLOGIST SAI NEURO CLINIC MANDAVELI NEUROPATHIC PAIN it is caused by nerve damage mostly to small sensory nerve is usually burning, tingling, shap or can bre intermittent ppain or continous is worse at night.there can be painfull sensation on mild touch also. it can be severe and affect quality of life

DR RV ANAND senior neurologist SAI Neuro clinic mandaveli. What are the risk factors for diabetic neuropathy The biggest risk is having persistent high blood sugar levels Other risk factors include 1 coronary heart disease 2.increased triglycerides 3. Obese 4. Smoking 5.high blood pressure